Chairman’s Message

Today, the concept of school education is undergoing a never before rapid change, initiating multidirectional study and needs guiding students by directing them how to involve in thinking, in solving problems, in integrating and in innovating. Thus, facilitating helping them to grow and develop into a wholesome and multifaceted personality. For this, students must be motivated and challenged beyond their comfort zones and encouraged to think critically and creatively by providing rich learning experiences through exposing them to continuous activity oriented sessions.

At Sanskriti Sanskar Public School, we strongly follow the notion that innovation and novel ideas are key to a meaningful future; hence we have created and put forward a finely woven academic cum co-curricular annual schedule that blends different facets of curricular and extracurricular programmes. We are constantly researching and making tireless efforts everyday to implement a well-balanced curriculum that ensures that each and every child not only enjoys the school years but also be prepared to face life’s challenges. We firmly believe that each child in our care should be understood and dealt differently to help the child to develop as a whole and be prepared to take on the challenges effectively and efficiently with special insistence on inculcating basics of etiquettes and manners those are identified as prime need of the present times.

We find ourselves to be fortunate to have a dedicated team of faculty and co-operative parents, who have helped the students and school, grow and achieve its targets that are reassessed time to time and set again to gain higher levels of quality education.