Director’s Message

At SSPS we are efficaciously working on a methodology that allows knowledge to flow and lead to the pool wisdom. This we are trying to achieve through constant research. And keeping with contemporary educational innovations happening in many parts of the world, we have formulated our own learning schedule strictly under the CBSE structure and procedures.

The tailor-made programme will unleash a wide spectrum of creative skills; it will encourage the children in involving to Ask, to Enquire, to Observe, to be Curious, to Discover, and to Invent. The knowledge in the child will be awakened and channelized to enlighten them and lead a life of wisdom and values, and become the torch bearers to awaken and enlighten the society. Every day our priorities lie in accordance of academic growth of our students.

Educating the hearts of youngsters is more important than educating their minds. Our perspective is to imbue a never-say-die spirit in every student which will hold him or her in good position to face the ever increasing challenges of Modern Society.

With a hope and pray to the almighty and our in unwavering efforts that the students of SSPS set forth on wings of Wisdom, Smartness jazzed up with relevant train Education and the capability to make ethical decisions with subtle sensitivity and humaneness and as committed individuals.